Download our Martha's Vineyard Wedding Checklist PDF for a smooth planning.

Martha's Vineyard Wedding Planning a destination wedding can be a little tricky. But every step you take closer to making the decision about having your wedding on Martha's Vineyard, you will be totally convinced you are making the right move. In fact, planning is the most exciting part of your event and it shouldn't be stressful at all. So let's go ahead and outline a couple of bullet points you should be considering, as they say "A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow".

To have or not to have?

Booking a Wedding Planner in some cases can be costly, but we highly recommend to hiring one. Seriously, have you been to the Vineyard before? Are you a good planner yourself? Can you predict things you are not even aware of and make changes on the fly? Yes, having a wedding coordinator will eliminate a half of those worries. Please, visit our Wedding Planners directory for your consideration.

Wedding Timeline

Select the date of you wedding 1-1.5 year prior to the event. Let's face it, there is probably some other couple thinking of having their wedding on the Island too.

Wedding Budget

Come up with a realistic budget. The picture will suddenly get clear: unnecessary stuff buff off, new creative ideas will pop-up. It's like in "The Secret", get clear on what you want and it will come to you. Your budget might increase slightly but don't be upset about it.

Location Location Location

There are several very important decisions you will have to make. Since you are traveling and inviting guests to your wedding it's crucial to have a place to stay for all and how far your are willing to travel in between considering a tight schedule on the wedding day.

Guest List and Invitations

It is a great idea to stay in touch with your guest over Facebook or email when you are clear with the date and location. But when it comes to collecting mailing addresses for sending invitations this can get a bit messy. To stay organized we suggest registering with one of the online solutions like WeddingWire, you can compile, track and print right from the website or have your wedding invitations printed / hand written on Martha's Vineyard